They Call Him Mr. Glass, Bitch! It’s the New Trailer for M. Night’s Trilogy Closer ‘Glass’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - October 11, 2018


Since it's not due in theaters until January, we've still got some time before M. Night Shyamalan finally brings his Unbreakable trilogy to a close with Glass. When Unbreakable was released in the fall of 2000, most folks could've cared less about superhero movies. They were either thought of as campy like the Batman franchise had become, or dark and self serious like Blade and X-Men.

Now, however, the comic book movie has become the national pastime, and M. Night decided to position his 2017 flick Split as a long overdue sequel to Unbreakable. When that film hit big, the stage was set for him to bring his hero into contact with the two biggest villain threats he could possibly face.

Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy are all back, reprising their roles from the aforementioned films, in an adventure that finds Mr. Glass and The Beast teaming up to see if David Dunn truly is Unbreakable. It's a good thing apathy didn't set in during that 17 year gap between the first flick and the sequel, otherwise this might seem like the wrong idea at the wrong time.

Hopefully M. Night can work a little more of that magic he used to be able to tap into on the regular. We'll find out for sure when Glass opens on January 18, 2019.