These Should Be Real: Pac-Man And Ghost Hoodies

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bill-swift - April 14, 2013

Pac-Man never gets old. It's one of the awesomest arcade games of all time--and proof of this is the fact that people still play it in this day and age. Heck, it's even one of the fourteen games that are going to be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art's new video game collection.

The Pac-Man franchise is still very much alive with themed gear being released every now and then. The Pac-Man and Ghost hoodies featured in the gallery aren't actual products yet, although the designs are so awesome, we think it should be turned into a reality.

The conceptual hoodies were designed by Insignificant Fish Industries. Notice the zig-zagged bottoms on the ghost hoodies? Plus the fact that they included a power-pelleted version of the ghost makes it a winning design for me.

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