These Padma Lakshmi Curvy Bikini Candids Are Exactly What Your Day Needs

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brian-mcgee - August 2, 2018

Am I the only person on earth who sees the name Padma Lakshmi written down and immediately think of Padmé from Star Wars? Probably, I'm just that big of a geek. And I don't even like the prequels that much. Nevertheless, there's no need to think of the prequels when Ms. Lakshmi is looking absolutely gorgeous in these bikini pics.

The former Mrs. Salman Rushdie was out on a yacht enjoying the lovely weather and showing off her ample bikini bod, and frankly it would've been a crime for us not to bring you the photographic evidence. The Top Chef host was more like Bottom Chef while showing off her sexy, wedgied backside climbing back onto the boat after a refreshing dip, amirite?

So, whether or not her name makes you think of the Star Wars prequels, it's safe to say that she's substantially hotter than anything in those films. I'd love to have Padma over sometime to criticize my cooking and then go for a dip in my pool. Now, if only I had a pool... or any sort of substantial cooking abilities and I'd be on my way to making this fantasy a reality!

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA