“The World is Ours” in New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 8 Promo (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 22, 2017


When it comes to big events this fall, it's tough to top the return of The Walking Dead following Season 7's finale that nicely set up a bloodbath to come this season. Mark your calendars for October 22 when the shows returns for its eighth season on AMC, but first check out this new thirty second teaser that checks in with almost all of the shows main characters....

I have to be honest, I gave up on this show a long time ago. After the first season. I do that a lot now. I blame Lost. I was so invested after that first season and look where they took me. I could never get that attached to a show again, so I give up on most of them after one season. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Dexter, Girls, Boardwalk Empire, the list goes on. I can't do it again and I won't do it again. 

If you're excited about Walking Dead, I'm excited for you. If you're not, why did you click on this article in the first place? Is it because you just have to comment on every article on this site? Hmmmm, I wonder.