‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Trailer Celebrates Debauchery With a Monkey on Roller Skates (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 18, 2013

All that's missing in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street trailer is Leo DiCaprio face down in a mountain of blow Tony Montana style. Other than that, it's got everything one need to celebrate the excess and depravity of early 90s Wall Street.

Let's see, there are wild parties, yachts, wads of cash taped to half-nekkid women, lingerie'd babes traipsing indiscriminately, little-person tossing, naked marching bands, and a monkey in a suit...on roller skates. Everything.  The Wolf of Wall Street will tell the real-life story of Jordan Belfort the notorious stockbroker who boiler-roomed his way to millions and refuses to play ball with the FBI. Things we're stoked about? Other than Scorsese's direction, it was written by Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire scribe Terence Winter.

Oh, and the bikinis. We want to see the bikinis. Because, who doesn't?