The Weekly WTF: Help Your Drunk Buddy Shuffle Home in ‘Home Run’

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bill-swift - April 25, 2014

We've all played this effer in real life: escorting a discombobulated (where I come from, we call it pissed up, but suck on that for a word for ‘drunk') friend away from the local drinkatorium, rather the worse for wear.

In reality, this is just a way to get vomit all over your favorite pants, and an impromptu and unwelcome lapdance from said drunken friend. In Home Run, though, the same activity gives us literal minutes of clean-pantsed, mouse flailing fun.

This tiny slice of flash fantastic can be found right here, and it's a great little timewaster to occupy those odd moments in the office. Y'know, the ones between the hours of 9 and 5, when you're supposed to be ‘working' or some BS like that.

Your objective is a simple one: direct a drunk guy down an alley that reeks of piss. Get him as far as you can before he collapses in an unfeeling, unknowing heap of embarrassment, shame and next-morning regret when he realizes that his underpants have gone and he's married a hooker.

Poor guy. Passed out on the chilly floor, surrounded by some rather aggressive-looking German signposts.

The simple controls manage to ape the drunken condition admirably well. The character's movement is erratic and automatic, leaving you to move your mouse to keep him upright. It's rather less personal than a friendly steadying arm around your shoulders, but works in much the same way. It's a tightrope walker-y affair, with you balancing his left and right sides to keep him on his feet.

If you fail, naturally, your guy will instantly fall asleep against the cold, cold alley floor. Presumably oblivious and content until the next morning; when it'll feel like the Grim Reaper himself has shat in his mouth. We've all been there.

Home Run was introduced to us by gameolosophy.

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