The Weekend of March 30th Is Such a Genre TV Bonanza That Your DVR May Go Supernova

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bill-swift - January 24, 2013

As a open Whovian, I've gone on record to say that the first half of season 7 of Doctor Who left me a little disappointed and even Steven Moffat's Weeping Angels swan song to Rory and everyone's favorite Caledonian companion Karen Gillan's Amy felt a little all over the place. But all the problems with Part One was rectified with a rather delightful Christmas Special that reintroduced us to new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, who somehow is just as, if not more, attractive than her red-headed predecessor. Well now we know when the Doctor and Clara will return to the airwaves--March 30th on BBCAmerica.

Furthermore, the next day gives us the Season 3 premiere for Game of Thrones on HBO and as we all know from the zombified ending to the season finale of Season 2, winter is definitely coming. And speaking of the walking dead, there's also The Walking Dead, which will have its Season 3 season finale on that very same sunday night! And as we've learned from the previous two seasons, there's always a twist, cliffhanger, zinger, etc left to the very end.

The only way that weekend could get any crazier is if the TARDIS appeared in my bedroom and Karen Gillan stepped out in a nightie asking for my help. And hey, let's face it, the girl needs the work.

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