The Walking Dead Zombie Shuffles Into a First Person Shooter

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bill-swift - July 7, 2012

Activision clearly wasn't comfortable only making movie-license games (Transformers & Spider-Man) and Call of Duty, so why not take the beloved The Walking Dead license, make that thing into a first person shooter, step back and get paid? That's exactly what's happening according to our longtime friends at IGN. We strongly suggest going there after we make you chuckle and nod in agreement in the following paragraphs.

The "video" accompanying this announcement isn't much more than a fancy graphic animation but we do know a few things about this one. It'll take place at time before the first episode of the series, you know, the one with the iconic shot of Sherriff Rick riding a horse on I-75 into Atlanta. And it will have you exploring the stories of Merle and Daryl Dixon, brothers with the authentic Georgia accents, before they make their way to Atlanta. Daryl, you'll recall is the loner who likes to use the crossbow and beat himself up pretty bad over losing Sophia in the second season. Merle, you'll also recall, was last seen chained to a rooftop climate control system in downtown Atlanta hurling obscenities at Rick and T-Dog. His racist behavior was intended to highlight the peculiar nature of the human condition even in times of cataclysmic distress. Zombies are eating people alive and Merle insisted on clinging to his backward thinking.

Merle and Daryl are brothers so it's hard to see how they'll be antagonizing each other in a video game. Yet, if gamers are put in control of Merle, it'll be interesting to see how we're supposed to perform  heroically with such a dislikable character. We're talking about exposing a side way darker than anything we got from Darth Vader.

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