The Trailer For Lifetime “Saved By The Bell” Movie Is Everything

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bill-swift - August 19, 2014

As we eagerly anticipate the coming of the Saved By The Bell unauthorized movie on Lifetime, we dream about how awesome it will be. And by awesome I mean god awful. Last week I showed you guys a scene from the film in which tensions run high at a photo shoot and Screech can't do push ups. In this trailer we see that many of the elements we love about the show will be there: the 90's fashion, Zack's big grey brick phone, the sexual tension between Lisa and Screech. I haven't been this excited about a crappy made for TV movie since Sharknado 2. OK, so that was only a couple of weeks ago but still. This film has everything. Comedy, romance, drama, and AC Slater's pecs. There really are no words for how excited I am.

Watch and tremble in terror.

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