The Top 7 Reasons Why You Want Bioshock Infinite

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bill-swift - February 26, 2013

Although it's set a few years after Bioshock Infinite, I still feel that watching Boardwalk Empire is going to get me in the right mood for the upcoming adventure-shooter. It will help to get in an "old-timey" mindset so you can better appreciate how F-ed up and truly lucky the United States was --as a culture and society-- to make it through the 20th Century. Things didn't start off so well in the early 1900s and Bioshock Infinite's backdrop of 1912 America is going to illustrate that fact beautifully while you're running around shooting bad guys and throwing fireballs.

The philosophy of Columbia's --the floating city-- founder, Zach Comstock, is going to get and has gotten a lot of attention already because it's unprecedented for a game to feature a character loudly and boldly proclaiming white supremacy early in that game's publicity cycle. The folks behind Bioshock Infinite want you to know (right now) that Comstock is yet another man with a vision for his people that will keep them safe, celebrated and literally above the people they deem as unworthy and unfit for glory. And we haven't even heard, seen or experienced any truly overt acts of racial terrorism in the game yet. It's going to be important for gamers to remember that the Comstock character would not have been an anomaly in 1912 America. Him taking that s*@t to a floating city int he sky? Totally outlandish. Being a deviant, pseudo-Klansman with terrorist tactics was very common throughout the United States including the Northeast Corridor and the Far West. America's sad history of violence and cultural sabotage due to various strains of racism is a big reason why our history books often skip from the Civil War all the way to the Second World War as if nothing happened in those 80 or so years. Obnoxious racism and violence was a bigger part of American life in 1912 than Henry Ford's Model T or the brand new ice cream cone. If you're still not thirsting for this game take that setting I just described, let your imagination run wild with that and then add it to our gallery of the Seven Reason You Want Bioshock Infinite. You'll be feeling old-timey in no time.

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