The Top 5 Easter Treats

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bill-swift - March 29, 2013

This Sunday is Easter, the day in which we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ by hiding things from children and eating lots of sugar. I've previously discussed the weird reason rabbits, chicks, and chocolate are involved in our Easter celebrations. But I want to focus specifically on the candy which is, lets face it, the main reason most of us give a crap. I remember waking up on Easter morning to follow a trail left by the Easter Bunny/a middle-aged Cuban woman to a wondrous Easter basket. It contained all of these treats, plus a few others like Jelly Beans, Smarties, and Nerds, (it was the 80's). I would then set into an apocalyptic orgy of gluttony that would turn a normal person diabetic and then kill them. It was glorious. I was so high on sugar by the time we went to Easter mass that I might well have hallucinated the risen JC coming down from the cross to give me a high-five. Here are the 5 greatest Easter treats of all time!

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