The Toilet Of The Future

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bill-swift - August 16, 2012

What will the toilet of the future look like? This is the question that is most on Bill Gates' mind. The bajillionaire held a "Reinvent the Toilet" fair in Seattle to give away cash and prizes to promising space johns. Universities, tech firms, and designers from all over the world took part in the challenge. Gates' foundation does a lot of work in the developing world where proper sanitation and plumbing are hard to come by. Flush toilets use a lot of water that these places can't spare for poopies. The winning design was made by Cal-Tech. So, what does the toilet of the future look like? (Spoiler Alert: It doesn't have a robo-wipe feature). looks not unlike a current toilet but with a smaller tank. Disappointed? Did you want one of those commodes they have on the space shuttle that sucks out your crap with a vacuum cleaner hose? You're gross. The difference between the Cal-Tech toilet and the one in the other room you really should clean is that it's a mini-solar powered processing center that creates hydrogen gas and electricity out of last night's Taco Bell. Not only could this toilet solve the problem of properly disposing of waste, it also can create power. Imagine a future in which you pay your electric bill by dropping a deuce. Who knows? Perhaps one day your car could run off of the explosive diarrhea you got from eating that entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. The future really is a magical place.

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