The Sims Meets Psycho: ‘The Sims 4’ Gets Creepy-Ass Serial Killer Mod… Kinda

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chris-littlechild - December 4, 2014

The Sims. The freaking Sims of all things. Usually, these tiny dudes and dudettes live out perfectly harmless, happy, meaningless-gibberish-spouting lives. Well, generally. Depending on the player, they might lose their job/spouse/collapse from hunger/shit themselves and pass out drunk on the rug.

But what they won't do is hideously murder each other in the face. For that, you'll need to enter the mad, mad world of modding.

Previously, we saw The Sims 4‘s nekkid mods; some poor bastards' quest to get Sim-lady areolas just right. That was already damn creepy enough. Today, the Simtastic brings us a whole new kind of creepy weirdery. It's like a Halloween joke, but one that's being made in December and so making us a little uncomfortable with its blood-dripping creepiness.

Yup. I've no idea why this is a thing, but behold. While creating your Sims, you can now choose to add all kinds of ghastly-ass blood effects to them. Look at this dude, for instance, with bloodstains all over his hands like Lady Macbeth without the metaphor. If this sort of thing is your bag, there are bloody eyeballs and other such charming options besides.

Hit Kotaku for more on this.

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