The Sausage Party Trailer Is Seriously Messed Up

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michael-garcia - March 15, 2016

Seth Rogen is really hit or miss in my opinion. Sure, Superbad was a great movie but I thought The Green Hornet was a steaming pile of crap. Basically, he's good for some pot jokes and the inevitable fat hairy Jewish guy bit. I'm not saying the guy can't be funny sometimes, but sometimes he's just annoying. Here we have the trailer for his new movie Sausage Party. It is literally the story of some sausages. He's showing it at SXSW. It was written by him and his pal Evan Goldberg. It's about a pack of hot dogs and one in particular named Frank, are excited when they get picked up at the supermarket along with his bun girlfriend. When they get back to the woman's house they find out that their purpose is to be eaten, they flip out. Then it's up to Frank to warn all the food in the supermarket the horrible truth.

This is clearly something he thought up while high. "Man, what if food had, like, feelings and personalities and we're, like, eating them?" Maybe if I got high before seeing the movie I would appreciate it. Right now, I think this is hella disturbing. 

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