The Rogue One Trailer Gets The Lego Treatment

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michael-garcia - May 10, 2016

All of us dorks are waiting with baited breath for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It's the first Star Wars movie that isn't part of the Skywalker saga trilogies. It tells the tale of a terrorist cell that steals the plans for the first Death Star. You know, the plans that R2-D2 was carrying around as a McGuffin in the original Star Wars movie. Yes, that means that 5 out of 8 Star Wars movies will involve a Death Star. I know that technically The Force Awakens wasn't a Death Star per se, but c'mon. Close enough. You only saw it being built in Revenge of the Sith but it still counts. Maybe the next two in the trilogy and the stand alone Han Solo movie will not have a big sphere that blows up planets. 

I admire anyone who can do animation like this recreation of the Rogue One trailer with Legos. I for one don't have the patience. I've tried it and I just can't do it. It looks cool, though. 

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