The Rock’s Old Reality Show Was Cancelled, But TNT Gave Him a New One

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bill-swift - October 25, 2013

Did you watch that reality competition show on TNT hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? It was called The Hero.

Actually, let me just go ahead and answer that question for you: no, you did not. The show's premier on June 6 did pretty well, snagging 1.53 million viewers and the #8 spot basic cable for the week. However, by the time the finale rolled around on August 1, the viewers were down to .98 million, which was good for only #14. (Again, this is #14 oncable.)

So yeah, that show was not picked up for another season by TNT. However, the folks over there are still pretty high on The Rock, seeing as how he is apparently one of the nicest dudes in Hollywood, so they've decided to give him another crack at reality TV. This time he's getting one of those do-gooder reality shows in which he goes and helps people who are going through a rough patch. The working title of the show, says Deadline, is Wake Up Call.

According to David Eilenberg, the Senior Vice President of unscripted programming at TNT and TBS, "Wake Up Call evolved from [their] experience on The Hero and is its natural successor, bringing the human spirit of that show home to take on everyday challenges."

Sounds nice. I'm sure it will be a touching show that will last at least eight episodes. However, personally, I'm still waiting for The Rock do a show on the Food Network called Do You Smell What the Rock Is Cooking?

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