The ‘RoboCop’ Trailer Will Probably Make Fanboys Angry (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 7, 2013

The new RoboCop trailer is here, and based on what we're seeing, this film will have some noticeable departures from Paul Verhoeven's original. On the one hand, what's the point of remaking a film if you don't offer something new? On the other hand, fanboys gonna bitch.

For one, it looks like Alex Murphy doesn't die before he's turned into a cyborg. He just gets blowed up real good. As such, he's immediately aware of his situation, unlike the original RoboCop who had to piece together his past. Despite this departure, director José Padilha seems to have kept the underlying themes involving freewill intact.

Also, the suit looks very different, which isn't much of surprise. Judging from the trailer, there's actually a humorous nod to the original outfit which should placate some fans. It looks a little too much like Judge Dredd's outfit for my tastes, but if the movie is good, no one, myself included, will give a damn.

Based on the trailer, I'm optimistic that this remake might not be a total disgrace. The casting of Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson go a long way toward easing my fears. But the elephant in the room, which was known long before this trailer, is the fact that the film will be PG-13. Will this movie be able to give RoboCop the gritty interpretation it deserves while still catering to middle schoolers? I guess we'll find out.