The Predator Brings Some Stealthy-Stabby Badassery to ‘Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 8, 2014

Michael Myers, of Halloween fame? With a misty-cabin-in-the-woods-with-dimwitted-teenagers-to-eviscerate map of his very own? Yep, that was the last lil' slice of Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC. We are a little curious as to why he was dicking around with an ax, because our ol' buddy Michael is more of a knifetastic sort of guy, but what the hell. It was a great cameo from the legendary maniac.

For the next DLC installment, Devastation, there's another special guest. Make way for the baddest alien ever to be sassed by Arnold Schwarzenegger: the Predator.

In the same manner as before, you can transform into this guy via field orders (they're dropped by chopper, although regrettably you can't GET TO DAH CHOPPER in this instance, it swiftly leaves again). Upon doing so, all of its powers are available to you. You can stab. You can fire big freaking laser bolts. You can be one ugly mother effer.

But most entertaining of all, you can emulate that final scene from the movie. When killed, you can 'detonate' yourself and every other poor bastard in the vicinity. Take a look.

Via Destructoid.

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