The Only Three ‘Star Wars’ Movies, Disney Should Be Thinking About Making Right Now

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bill-swift - February 26, 2013

We've all been pretty caught up in the new adventures of Star Wars that are coming our way thanks to Jabba the Hutt'sGeorge Lucas's sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. There's been plenty of talk about a possible Yoda spin-off, a Han Solo one, maybe even a Boba Fett feature. And over the weekend there was even news of a possible Knights of the Old Republic possible feature. Though as of now the only confirmed film is JJ Abram'sEpisode VII. And hey, that's all great. But...

Over the weekend I was walking through Best Buy and they were playing the Blu-ray of Star War: A New Hope on their big HD TVs. And I may have sat down to watch the first few minutes. Next thing I know the Ewoks were saving the day and the janitor was turning off the lights in the building. And while I spent close to ten hours rewatching the original trilogy, I couldn't help but feel angry when I finally stood up. Did Han Solo really still not shoot first? Does the Sarlac Pit still have that stupid mouth now, totally making the cool idea of a living pit so not cool. And...and I'm sorry, did Darth Vader suddenly yell 'No!' before tossing the Emperor down to his death? Where the hell did that come from? So I want to ask Disney: Please, please, please re-release the original versions of Star Wars Episodes IV-VI.

Wouldn't that be a real gift to the fans of the series who had to sit through six years of not only awful prequels, but constant retinkering with the beloved originals? We don't want to see what Jabba the Hutt looked like in A New Hope. After hearing people talking about him for two movies, his reveal in Jedi is perfectly timed. And the new Emperor in Empire? Boba Fett's voice changed to the actor who played all those stupid clone storm troopers? The extra aliens on Tattooine? That song-and-dance number at Jabba's Palace? Hayden Christensen's ghost appears to Luke?! Why?! Luke wouldn't even know who the hell he is! You Disney, You! have the power to get rid of all of that.

Sure, a new trilogy is great and I'm sure will be better than the prequels, but they'll never be able to compare to what came before it. So why not blow the dust off those original prints and drive a stake through the heart of the cracks in the integrity of your new franchise by releasing the films that started everything a new lease on life in their original forms?

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