The Only Thing Better Than A Hottie In A Sexy Bikini Is Two Hotties In Two Sexy Bikinis

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bill-swift - December 14, 2017

If the context of commercial sell-out doesn't take away from your general sense of all-over happy body tingles when seeing hot models in tiny bikinis, and it shouldn't, then you'll happen to dig deeply into this visual wonderment of two ridiculously passion inducing female forms in two pieces pimping the ever-grinding bottled water.

Jamie Leigh and Kinsey Wolanski may not be household names. But if you narrow the household down to just your bedroom late night when all alone with your thoughts, I'll assume these names come up far more often. The luscious pair of funbag foursome showed off their stellar bodies along the shoreline of Cali in honor of people trying to dump expensive H20 into your shopping cart. So in a world where paying more for water than beer makes sense to you, this is your gig.

Don't hate the opportunists. Just stare and leer deeply into the precious pair of bikini perfect bodies they've summons for the visual feast and imagine a wet t-shirt contest employing their liquid beverage by the gallons. Selling out or selling up? I'd love these girls to come and discuss economics with me in my hot tub. Though I don't own one, so just a squeeze into my bathtub. Sorry, rubber ducky, you've been displaced. Enjoy. 


Photo Credit: Splash News