The Old ‘This Meteor Will Cause the End of Mankind’ Prank (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 19, 2013

You're at a job interview for LG and you're so excited, you almost shat your pants because this might just be your big break. Out of nowhere, the room begins to shake and you see a meteor shooting across the sky through the window behind the guy who's interviewing you.

What would you do?

Lose your sh't? Yeah, that's probably what I'd do, too. In fact, that's what all three interviewees did the moment they saw the blazing meteor. Their reactions are hilarious, but that's probably because y'all sitting in front of your screen watching it instead of being there and experiencing sheer terror.

This was an ad by LG for their screens with Ultra HD and a pretty damn good one, at that.

So this begs the question? Were they really interviewees? Or were they actors who were called in to do their best 'ZOMG, we're gonna die!' interpretation? Only LG knows. Enjoy!

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