The O.C. is Late

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bill-swift - December 22, 2005

Does your week feel incomplete unless you get your fix of The O.C., every Thursday at 8pm? If so, you should probably talk to a professional about that. You should also get ready to delay your gratification by an hour when the show returns from the holiday TV break on January 12, 2006, reports Zap2It.

Yes, that's right, The O.C. is being moved back an hour to the 9pm slot, following That 70s Show (really, that's still on?), and then American Idol (when that piece of crap returns). The move may be a difficult one for the show since ratings have dropped somewhat this year, and it's new time slot will have The O.C. going head to head with CSI on CBS, and My Name is Earl and The Office on NBC. Ouch. At least DVD sales will be up.

And don't forget to check out these pictures of Mischa Barton on set. Why? Because you have that little problem we spoke about before, remember?