The New Ghostbusters Trailer Looks A Bit Better

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michael-garcia - May 18, 2016

The new Ghostbusters movie is controversial and it hasn't even come out yet. For a lot of trolls and other dark denizens of the web the problem is that the cast is mostly women. I don't care about that. I think having an all woman Ghostbuster squad is fine because I'm not a misogynistic a-hole. The problem I have is whether or not a classic like Ghostbusters needs to be rebooted or have a sequel made this many years later at all. This was further compounded by the fact that the last Ghostbusters trailer looked dumb. Like, not funny and mildly offensive to African-Americans. This one looks a bit better. It's definitely got more scary stuff and the humor is a little better. I won't say the movie is definitely going to be great or suck because I haven't seen it yet. But this trailer makes me a little more hopeful. 

Is it wrong that to me the Ghostbusters will always be Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson? Maybe I'm just set in my ways but when I think "Ghostbusters" that's who I think of. That doesn't make me a sexist, just someone who respects the classics. 

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