The Many Awesome Vehicles of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

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chris-littlechild - November 14, 2015

Video games are becoming ever bigger and shit-your-pants ambitious. This is 2015, grandpa, we're not playing freaking Asteroids any more. We live in a brave new world of expansive free-roaming adventures like Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4 and the like. It's sidequests out the wazoo and several hundred hours of gameplay or nothing. Go hard or go home.

And that's just regular big-name games. There's even more pressure on Star Wars, what with franchise hype at the ridiculous level it is just now. Nerdly fans –the sorts of guys who list ‘Jedi' as their occupation on official forms—are foaming at the mouth for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So are some of us normals.

So, Battlefront, there's a lot riding on this. You've got to deliver. We want big ol' spacecraft to cruise around big ol' space in, and we want it in style. We want the biggest and best Star Wars experience we've ever had in a game, and we will bitch repeatedly all over the Internet if we don't get it. No message board or Youtube comment section will be safe.

So how's the latest in the spacetastic FPS/TPS series shaping up, ahead of next week's release? Pretty darn nicely, all told.

IGN have some spangly new footage of some of the game's vehicles in action. From the chicken-legged AT-ST to the legendary X-Wing and my favorite, the A-Wing, there's something for everyone. Check it out. 

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