The Latest Screens from South Park: The Stick of Truth Take us on a Fantastical Adventure through… Somebody’s Attic

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bill-swift - August 27, 2013

South Park: The Stick of Truth still refuses to grant us a release date beyond ‘y'know, holiday season. Maybe 2013.' Instead, we have to rely on scant info-nuggets to goad us along the path to some sweet, juvenile and offensive RPG action.

Gamescom, then, brought us a crop of fresh screens and details about the war between Cartman the Grand Wizard and Kyle the ‘High Jew Elf.' As the new kid in South Park, you are quickly conscripted into one of the armies (gamerant's report suggests you'll be able to choose a race --and so a dickish outfit-- at will) and must help them acquire the Stick of Truth. The function of this enigmatic artifact, this magical... stick, hasn't been explained, but presumably there'll be shit on the end of it for you to wipe on doorknobs. This is South Park, after all.

Take a look above, as the game continues to parody and generally mock its genre. Your glorious, lofty quest will take you through the attics of the town, unleashing magical spells and items on your foes amid... forgotten boxes of ‘x-mas decorations' and questionable electrical sockets. You may need to equip your Rubber-Soled Shoes of +4 Valor.

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