The Last of Us Introduces New Character Tess

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bill-swift - December 15, 2012

The Last of Us will be delighting all of us beginning May 7 on Playstation 3, but between now and then we've got a lot to learn about this post apocalyptic survival game. Tess is an interesting character who apparently is more ruthless and cunning than the conflicted Joel character. In the video above we see Annie Wersching performing her motion and voice capture duties to be included in the game. Apparently they're shitty people and the girl is just cargo and all of that will make sense once we're all playing The Last of Us. Speculation alert: Tess sends Joel out into the wild with Ellie for money and she can't understand why that plan is so hard for Joel to understand/accept/deal with. Something tells me Tess is going to be a problem later on. Either that, or we're getting one hell of a head fake from the game's creators.

Check out the VGA trailer for The Last of Us below and you'll see that above seen in context.