The Ladies Of Riverdale Are Getting Pornier Than Ever In Season Four

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earl-jonas - October 18, 2019


Riverdale is easily one of the most sexual CW series ever produced, and if you don't see the porniness bubbling right beneath the surface of the Archie-inspired romp, you're not looking hard enough. Lili Reinhart plays good girl Betty to Camila Mendes' bad girl Veronica, but they're both bad beches when it comes to pleasing their high school men in the sac. They've both stripped down before, but in the second episode of season four Camila Mendes is especially looking hotter and pornier than ever in her black panties and lace bra. The scene juxtaposes both ladies having sex with their respective partners - Betty with Jughead and Veronica with Archie. It's not Euphoria, but it ain't Dawson's Creek either. Enjoy...

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