The Kardashians Take The Jenners To The Field

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aldo-vallon - March 12, 2018

I have never been much of a gambling man, not since I lost my lunch betting Jimmy Edwards that he wouldn’t eat that caterpillar in the fifth grade. Looking back, even in fifth grade he should have known what a bad idea that was, but respect to him for following through. And this was well before we had Bear Grylls setting a bad example for us. I can only imagine what we would have turned into if we had watched his show at an earlier age. But I digress.

The point is that even though I am not a gambling man, I would bet everything I own on the Jenner’s winning this game. Nothing against the Kardashians, aside from the obvious, but I doubt they inherited the genetic skills needed in order to defeat the offspring of an Olympian.

If the contest was, say, a court case trying to get a murderer acquitted then I might have to think on it a little longer. But since the game appears to be baseball then I am forced to side with the team whose father-mother was the world’s greatest athlete in 1976. Even I couldn’t lose that bet.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA