The Jacksonville Jaguars Might Not be Very Good, But Their Cheerleaders Are

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michael-garcia - December 5, 2012

Obviously we're big fans of the NFL around here, and also obvious is that we're big fans of NFL cheerleaders. While the Jacksonville Jaguars are struggling through an extremely tough season, here's something that the fans can be proud of; the cheerleaders. Apparently called 'The Roar,' the Jags cheerleaders headed down to Puerto Rico to shoot their 2013 bikini calendar.

Personally, I can't recall the last time I saw a calendar hanging anywhere, outside of an advent calendar around the holidays. But what does that matter? The point is that these ladies, who provide an excellent source of sideline entertainment for Jacksonville fans to enjoy while the product on the field suffers, look damn good and deserve some respect. At least someone affiliated with Jacksonville football does. Plus, this gives the poorly named Jag Rag an actual reason to exist.

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