‘The Hobbit’ Gets a New Animated Ending Which Is Still Five Less than ‘Return of the King’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 23, 2013

Now if you ask me, The Hobbit should've ended by actually ending. You know, after that one movie? And not stretch it over the course of three for some reason. But the ever-popular web series How It Should Have Ended have other ideas for how Bilbo and, 9? 12? However many dwarves he's travelling with should've concluded the first installment of their adventure together.

And thank God How It Should Have Ended were smart enough to ask the eternal question bugging any Hobbit fan out there: Why don't they just always travel via bird. It seems like those guys can pretty much go anywhere whenever they want and would save those guys' little legs from a lot of work travelling around New Zealand's majestic hills all the time.

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