The Griswold’s Reunite Because Chevy Chase Needed A Paycheck After Quitting ‘Community’ I Guess

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bill-swift - November 27, 2012

There was a time when Chevy Chase was thought of as the funniest man in America. To give you some perspective, that time was before Crystal Clear Pepsi was ever even a bad idea in some marketing execs head. His reputation as being kind of a tool has overshadowed his reputation as being a comedian and now that he's officially left the cast of Community, it seems like there's only one beloved character he has left to hold on to: Clark Griswold.

A new Vacation movie is currently in production with Ed Helms playing a grown-up Rusty Griswold, but until then, Chevy, Beverly D'Angelo (who I must say is looking much more svelte than we've seen in recent years, good for you Bev) and Christmas Vacation's Juliette Lewis reunite for a terrible Old Navy commercial about hot pants or some such B.S. Anyway, the Griswold's are back in some form. Enjoy.

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