The Grandest Image Gallery for ‘The Hobbit’ You’ll Ever See–Plus a New Clip! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 29, 2012

Ever since filming for The Hobbit wrapped up, Peter Jackson and his team have been working feverishly on post production while fans wait with bated breaths for the first installment of the trilogy.

Now we're down to the final two-week stretch before The Hobbit hits theaters. After weeks of teasers, trailers, clips, and set photos, Warner has released the full image gallery for the movie. There will be some familiar images in the mix, along with a couple of new ones that have never been seen before.

Bilbo gearing up for his grand adventure. Character posters of the main characters of the film. Behind-the-scenes shots of Percy Jackson with the stars. Dwarves dining and singing jovially in the calm before the storm. Saruman looking alive and well before he sealed his fate in The Lord of the Rings. Expect to see all these and more in the grandest image gallery for The Hobbit you'll ever see!

As an added bonus, a new clip showing Gandalf the Grey handing Bilbo his trusty Sting has also been released. You can check that out in the player to the side after you go through the gallery. Enjoy!

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