The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: V is for VOLLEYBALL- The Sexiest, Ogle-iest and Assiest Sport Known to Man

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chris-littlechild - November 27, 2012

More specifically, the bikini-clad wonderment of beach volleyball. Huzzah for the guy on the court, taking such images as the above for our delectation! (Image by Owen Franken/CORBIS) His heroic camera and erection are examples for us all. See, ma? recording posteriors for posterityis a viable career! Will you now cease denying that you have a son?

The gamers among us can surely attest to the overt sexualization of female characters. In this milieu, there are none more adept than Team Ninja; the jug-jiggling japes of Dead or Alive are synonymous with sexitude. Supposedly. Humunga-boobs that tremble as melodramatically as two sacks of pissed -in both senses of the term- wolverines in a hurricane are rather excessive, we'd venture. Even the staunchest, leeriest of breast men sees this detachment from reality, and presumably raises a contemptuous middle finger at it.

Further, as all us dudely dudes know, the best lesson is the one that has magnificent lady-ass in it. (Incidentally, with the declining standards of contemporary schooling, principals across the nation would be wise to heed this. Picture the scene, in elementaries everywhere:
"What class do we have after recess?"
"Stripping, with Gina G-string.").

As such, hit the gallery to see that even a game as ludicrously 'eroticized' as Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball is as arousing as a baboon's bollocks in comparison to the bodacious bodies of these fitness freak femmes fatales.