The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: Q is for QUIRKY- The Good, the Bad and the Butt-ugly

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chris-littlechild - October 19, 2012

Huzzah! We've arrived with a gleeful flourish at the shit-stained nether regions of the alphabet, where tenuous words/links to the video game spectrum are unashamedly employed. In the manner of the hobo we once saw chewing on a leather shoe in a puddle of piss, craptastic options must be embraced when there's no alternative.

Bollocks to you, Q, and your inconvenient, deformed brothers; Z, X and such.

As such, today's installment is infested by a malicious miasma of sheer balls-out insanity. Gallery-perusal will reveal a salutation to peculiar character designs, misguided comic relief (intended or otherwise), appalling ginger beards and the ravening bastard that ate a dragon's ballsack.

Reason enough to take a look above, we'd venture. Before doing so, a brief test of your gaming prowess. Which virtual protagonist ‘...isn't made of animal meat, he's simply a boy without skin'? (Disconcerting words courtesy of vegetarianstar.com). Answer, and freakish menagerie, in the gallery.