The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: H is for Ravenous HUNGER and Gaming’s Favorite Fatasses

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chris-littlechild - August 17, 2012

In lieu of a concept as pedestrian as ‘heroes' or some ballache tedium of that nature, this iteration constitutes a glorification of paunch pride (it's akin to Gay Pride, a counterpart for the noble-and-ample gentleman. Meetings are bereft of the merry flamboyance, tight pants and rainbow flags, alas, but the refreshments table rivals the great proliferation you'd find at an ancient Roman banquet/wanton debauched sex-athon. Which were so ubiquitous for those randy buggers they were known by the alternate moniker, weekdays). Excelsior to you, our porky brethren!

As such, we've assembled for your delectation those with a cyber craving, virtual voracity, megabyte munchies and any other pertinent shit-tastic bon mot you'd care to venture. From the above skin-slavering horror to a gaseous floating pink testicle with stumpy appendages, these fat bastards are quite a sight. Festoon your voluminous thighs in some ghastly sweatpants and join us.