The Four Most Chilling Words in the English Language — Lindsay Is Driving Again!

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bill-swift - July 23, 2012

Just to be clear, the Porsche that Lindsay Lohan left the Chateau Marmont in after a night of partying on Saturday was not the same Porsche that was totaled in her car crash on PCH last month. Nope, this is the replacement Porsche. Sadly, there are no replacement innocent bystanders.

What happened to that cliched slogan my gruff Driver's Ed teacher used to scream into our ears -- driving is a privilege, not a right. Well, I suppose that means the privileged will always have the right to drive, no matter their record.

In the least, the city owes its citizens some kind of air raid siren when Lindsay is behind the wheel of a vehicle so we can all head down into our basement shelters.

Some of Lindsay's finer previous auto body work: