Yep, This is the Flaming Sword From ‘Fallout’ In Real Life, And It’s Awesome

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chris-littlechild - November 14, 2015

Whether we're talking video games, movies, TV or whatever, there are some things you just damn well shouldn't try in real life. It's like pa always used to say about peer pressure. ‘…and if all your buddies tried to shave their pubes with machetes like those guys from Jackass, would you do that too?'

Yes, pa, yes I would. I'm paraphrasing, natch, but it was something to that effect. Anywho, on to the reason you're here in the first place: badass flaming swords.

Pretty high up on that list of crazy-ass don't try this shit at home danger would be the weapons of Fallout. The series is known for being a little whacked out in that area, with big ol' ice guns and those rocket punch gauntlets and all of that good stuff. My personal favorite? The Shishkebab, a blade which is on actual goddamn fire.

Engineer Caleb Kraft, being a typical dude, gives no effs how dangerous anything is as long as it's freaking awesome. You know the feeling. Armed with that mindset, he crafted –or, Kraft-ed—himself a Shishkebab for real.

‘Kraft teamed up with his buddy Platinumfungi to faithfully recreate the sword,' Kotaku reports, ‘using cannibalised parts and some butane.' A motorcycle gas tank, lawnmower blades and other weirdness went into the making of the weapon, as per the games, as Caleb details in his writeup of the project over on Make.

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