‘The Emoji Movie’ Honest Trailer Kicks That Movie Right in the :Eggplant Emoji:

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brian-mcgee - November 22, 2017


If you were one of the lucky few parents that got dragged to The Emoji Movie this past summer, you remember what an awful, soul-sucking adventure through new dimensions in product placement it was. Well, now the good folks over at Screen Junkies are finally validating those feelings for you with their latest Honest Trailer. 

It's tough to pick on a kids movie, but I felt as though this was one of those films that looked down its nose at children and assumed that they would sit still and watch all the bright shiny colors and never notice that the film had no soul. It's as cynical as children's entertainment gets and it features some incredible voice talent from Sir Patrick Stewart and Steven Wright to Maya Rudolph and Jennifer Coolidge—the latter of whom will, admittedly, do anything. 

There are no lessons to be learned in The Emoji Movie other than "Be Yourself" which is explored in at least a dozen other, better kids movies. It's a cold, calculated product designed to turn your children into consumers. Avoid it at all costs, especially if you have children. There are at least three films I would take my kids to see in theaters right now (Coco, Wonder, Thor: Ragnarok) before I'd let them sit through this dreck again.