The Egotastic! E3 Extravaganza: Meanwhile, Nintendo Want Us to Drive on the Freaking Ceiling in Mario Kart 8

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chris-littlechild - June 13, 2013

Nintendo are in a unique position at this year's show. While Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are firmly embroiled in price wars, game wars and who-can-call-the-other-company's-executives-a-bunch-of-wankers-in-the-wittiest-and-most-subtle-manner wars, Nintendo's console is already lurking about (Wii U was released over six months ago).

Whose Facebook-running 0-60 is faster? Which console has an attachment to scratch your wang for you as you languish on the couch? Which CEO's haircut is more dickish? The over-sized novelty ‘N' has no shits to give about any of this.

What they do also have, though, is something major to prove. Like Sony's floundering Vita, ball-busting exclusives have been scarce indeed. To remain relevant when these two guys emerge later this year and threaten to steal its lunch money, Wii U needs to deliver the first-party wonderment in a big way. First on the agenda? The inevitable Mario Kart installment. Take a look at the gallery for some first shots of this gravity-defying racer (head to technobuffalo for the full set).

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