The Ecto Cooler Is Back!

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michael-garcia - April 26, 2016

When I was a kid back in the 1980's, I loved two things: products with lots of chemicals and sugar and product placement. If a company slapped a label of something I loved on it, I had my mom buy it. I was a sucker and I didn't care. One of my all time favorite films is the original Ghostbusters. I even liked the sequel with Vigo the Carpathian and the Real Ghostbusters animated series. That crap was the bomb, to use a phrase no one uses any more. So, naturally, when Coca-Cola came out with the Ecto Cooler Hi-C fruit drink in 1987, I was all over that. Not only did it have the Ghostbusters logo on it, but it was also a tart/sweet vat of green goodness. I got them in my lunch every day and it was glorious. Coke kept it around until 2001 when they were discontinued. But now, thanks to the new Ghostbusters movie coming out this year, Coke is bringing the Ecto Cooler back

This time the package turns bright green to let you know it's cold. It's kind of like the Coors can except for little kids and nostalgic thirty somethings. I'm going to try mixing my Ecto Cooler with vodka and get tore up. 

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