The Darth Maul Scene from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Now Available Online (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 10, 2018


While no one was really crying out for a weird, unexplained, puffy-looking Darth Maul to show up in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he did and now we've got to deal with it. The scene felt like a desperate cry by the filmmakers to throw as much as possible at the wall in the hopes that something would stick. Now you can watch the entire scene without having to see the movie thanks to IGN.

Darth Maul's cameo is made all the stupider by him summoning his lightsaber, holding it for a while, and then firing it up for no god damned reason. Were they worried that we wouldn't know who he was just by the horns and face paint and "Duel of the Fates" playing on the soundtrack? Was anyone really wondering who he was still?

They could've done the same thing by using his hood in place of his lightsaber, with him finally throwing it off as he tells Khaleesi that they're gonna be spending a lot more time together. And then he could look at the camera and go, "Yeah, last time you saw me I was cut in half real bad, but I survived, and now I'm back, so deal with it. Plus, somebody's gotta move some action figures in this day and age."

Great stuff. Squandered opportunity. Check out officially sanctioned pics of Maul with his robot legs below. Solo hits Digital HD on Friday, and Blu-ray and DVD two weeks from tomorrow.