The ‘Dark Souls III’ Chicken Wings Challenge Is A Real Thing

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chris-littlechild - March 23, 2016

  What comes to mind, gamer-dudes, when I say the words Dark Souls? All kinds of things, probably. Dastardly and bastardly action RPGs, fantasy settings, jangly knights, big ol’ dragons, getting your ass whupped over and over until you’re crying for grandma… well, that’s just me. I can’t speak for the rest of you.  

One thing I’m pretty damn sure you weren’t thinking of? Chicken wings. Unless you’re just hungry as you’re reading and it’s all coincidental. If that’s the case, feast your eyes on this: someone’s promoting Dark Souls III’s release the right way.

Over in Merry Old England, Destructoid reports, restaurant chain MeatLiquor have some collectors’ editions of the game on offer, with a spangly new PS4 thrown in to play it on. There’s one on offer in each of the chain’s eateries, to the brave soul who finishes off a mountain of chillitastic chicken the fastest.

For the quickest overall fatass in the country, there’s a Prestige edition up for grabs too. I don’t know who the hell in Namco Bandai’s PR department came up with this one, but someone should give that genius a medal. This is advertising, right here, sweet, sweet, freaking ridiculous advertising.

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