‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Synopsis Revealed

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bill-swift - March 23, 2012

Let's all rejoice as there is some more news for us to divulge regarding Christopher Nolan's magnificent reboot. And with The Dark Knight Rises having recently finished shooting we can now prepare for a full marketing onslaught to commence.

Alongside an abundance of on-set pictures and a recently unleashed viral campaign we now have a new synopsis to read over again and again until the words begin to blur together. But be warned it does reveal an awful lot.

Last chance to look away...

When Commissioner Gordon stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as the Batman. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman's legacy piece by piece.

There is enough in this passage to whet the appetite for a few weeks at least.

Article by Gregory Wakeman