The Blu-Ray Of “Batman V. Superman” Will Be Rated R

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bill-swift - February 25, 2016

After the tremendous success of Deadpool, Hollywood is all about R-rated comic book movies now. We told you about the upcoming Wolverine movie probably being rated R yesterday but it's come out today that the Blu-ray "ultimate edition" of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will also be rated R. The theatrical version will get the traditional PG-13. People, (and by people I mean nerds like me), have been waiting for an R rated Batman movie for years. It's just a surprise that it's going to come in a movie that also features squeaky clean goody two shoes Superman. If Man of Steel didn't get the R for the massive violence of leveling a city then nothing will. But apparently, Zack Snyder had a lot more gratuitous violence in Batman V. Superman that the studio made him take out to get the PG-13. I'm hoping it involves a shower scene with Wonder Woman...but it's probably just more violence.

It's a strange time in comic book movies right now. They are pretty much the only things that are profitable to make anymore. It makes sense that the studio would hedge their bets profits wise by releasing the more mainstream PG-13 version in theaters to get the teens in and then release the R version on Blu-ray. That way the maximize profits and everyone wins. 

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