The Best Way to Watch P0rn Ever

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bill-swift - August 24, 2013

This is the absolute best way to watch porn. Ever.

I call this the Ultimate P0rn Lover's Hoodie with a Viewing Chamber Extension. Not that it has an actual name and not that it's really being sold anywhere though, which is unfortunate.

With this hoodie around, there's no need to lock any doors or slam your laptop shut when you hear someone approaching. No need to have one of those virtual panic buttons that exits all your p0rn for you, so no one else will ever know what kind of kinky stuff you're into.

The problem is if someone quietly walks behind you and rips the hoodie's extension off of your screen. Then you're screwed for sure, in more ways than one.

That scenario aside, don't you think that this is one of the awesomest hoodies that was ever designed, though?

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