The Best Thing About Robots is How Hot They Always Are

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bill-swift - August 4, 2012

Maybe it's because us nerds didn't get a lot of dates in high school. Or maybe it's because, like the great artists of antiquity, we feel the female form is something that represents perfections of line and symmetry. Or maybe it's because we're just horny, but I've never seen an ugly female robot or android.

That's the great thing about science-fiction entertainment: There's always a hot woman running around, so what if instead of organs and blood she's got a harddrive and motor oil? Never judge a book by its contents, that's what I always say. And if there's one thing a machine can't understand, it's love. So no messy breakups and no awkward morning-afters. The next best thing to dating a real hot woman is a fake hot woman.

So who are the hottest? Check the gallery to see who we ranked as the best robo-babes in sci-fi.

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