The Best Clown vs Cop Fist Fight Video You’ve Seen All Week (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 21, 2012

There's nothing funny about clowns. And I don't mean the high-class comedia del arte Pagliacchi, Cirque Du Soleil type of clowning around. I'm talking the local guy who still puts an ad in the Yellow Pages. They're grown men in pajamas and grease paint who have a certain knack for blowing things up. We even told you the other week how chances are the clown you hired for your kids birthday party is coming to your house not to amuse and entertain but to fantasize about cooking and eating your children.

So one Milwaukee-based Clown figured out one way to actually make people laugh: Beat up a cop. The video above shows you a brawl between an activist clown who kept chasing cars with a squirt gun outside City Hall and the brave MPD officer who had no choice but to strike a blow for humanity and take the mother-f*$king clown down.

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