The Animal Sounds Pixies Cover You Never Knew You Needed

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michael-garcia - April 28, 2016

I try not to post stuff about cute animals on here. Not because I don't enjoy a good cute kitten or sneezing puppy video, far from it. It's just not our jam here at Egotastic. What is our jam is to bring you funny videos and entertaining content. And boobs. So, with that in mind I bring you this video of The Pixies Where is my Mind? sung by animals. First of all, I love The Pixies. I am a man of a certain age and it reminds me of the good old days. Plus this song was used in one of my favorite movie endings of all time: Fight Club. When I watched this video I laughed like an idiot and went a little insane at the same time. That's why I present it to you, dear reader. 

Sometimes all you need is something silly. 

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