The After School Special Awards: Born on the Bayou Edition

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

Ah, awards season. The Golden Globes, that irreverent SAGs, and still weeks away from the Academy Awards. Luckily, to hold everyone over before that night of glitz and glamour, the After School Special Awards continues its assault on female teachers with a proclivity for carnal flesh culled from their matriculated male student body. And today we have quite a delicious one for you, from all the way down in Louisiana, comes Heather Cooksey, or as I'm sure all the boys called her growing up, 'Looky, looky, I finger-banged Cooksey.'

The say that French is the language of love, but it took the 27-year-old English teacher to lecture in the art of forbidden romance. Ms. Cooksey, who was arrested last month on charges of having a sexual relationship with a student, is now facing nine more charges, including the always-lascivious 'felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile' and the somewhat creepy 'sexual battery by fondling' (an oldie but a goldie). While we wait for Heather's trial now that she's out on $35k bond, take a stroll down memory lane in our Hall of After School Special Award Winners in the gallery above.

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