The 5 Most Annoying Things About Christopher Nolan’s Batman Reboot

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bill-swift - July 18, 2012

Christopher Nolan's reboot has been widely celebrated by every film critic and aficionado who owns a pen, a laptop and a set of eyes but it hasn't all been so smooth sailing for his trilogy of films. Well, most of it has, but there are still a few foibles and mistakes that should be noted.

Not that they should overshadow his entire body of work, but, you know, we live in a society where people seem to highlight every single flaw of every single element of life that we lay our eyes on. And just because Nolan has reinvigorated the Hollywood action blockbuster doesn't mean that he should get away with it!

So, here's a look at why his Batman films are fundamentally terrible. I kid, just why they're ever so slightly annoying.

Batman's voice - After the 5-minute preview of The Dark Knight Rises was screened on IMAX back in December many fans noted that it was almost impossible to hear what Tom Hardy's Bane was saying during the clip. Chris Nolan stated that they would make sure this would be amended for the film's release and in every trailer and clip since he's sounded as clear as a calm summer's evening. But this wasn't the first time they'd encountered problems with one of the actors voices. The Dark Knight was roundly lauded around the world but people who did complain about it stated that Christian Bale's Batman voice was a little too dense and disturbing than the first instalment. All someone needed to do was give him a cough mint.

Plot holes - Despite being hailed as a cinematic luminarie, Chris Nolan isn't beyond making the odd mistake during his tenure at the helm of Batman's exploits. Most notably during Batman Begins when Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow look to spread a water-borne nerve toxin throughout the city by vaporising the entire city's water supply with a clever device taken from Wayne Enterprises. We watch water pipes explode but shouldn't Gotham's inhabitants do the same as they're composed of 75% water? Nolan, please explain yourself.

Rachel Dawes - Not only was she annoyingly whiny, condescending and a bit of a ho-bag but

she miraculously changed faces in between the two movies! At least she got her due punishment.

It's not funny - Yes, I know that Alfred and Lucius throw some rather humorous quips our way every once in a while, but come on. They are not truly lol material are they!? I know I'm not there to laugh away the minutes but come on Batman, lighten up a little.

Copycat films - Due in large part to Christopher Nolan's ridiculous success in bringing a realistic and mature tone to the Batman series, we've had to endure a plethora of attempts by less talented filmmakers to darken film series. Cast and crew members of Terminator Salvation, The Incredible Hulk, G.I. Joe and Sherlock Holmes have all  name dropped Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in the promotions of their films in hopes of stealing an ounce of credibility to attach to their work. Each time it failed miserably.